Who are we?

Whatever Esports is a gaming community surrounded by a lot of talented gamers. We have been organizing several local tournaments on many competitive titles. Our target is to strengthen the Sri Lankan esports community by providing our own resources. The Whatever Esports community has been a place where most of the gamers get to know each other and we have a lot of competitive teams practicing on our Team Speak servers. We will be hosting future tournaments on many competitive titles and we are planning to increase the gaming experience of each and every gamer. We wish the best for Sri Lankan esports and we are willing to provide the opportunities.

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Question & Answers

What is an Esports community?
An esports community is a wide platform that provides several benefits to Esports athletes.
Who are in this community?
There are professional gamers, streamers, organizers, referees and casual gamers in this community.
What is happening in this community?
This community provides many benefits to the gamers such as Team Speak servers and Discord servers. Furthermore, we are organizing local tournaments on several competitive esports titles.
How to join with us?
You can simply join with us by joining our Team Speak servers or discord server. If you are interested on tournament organizing, you can join with us by applying through a senior member.
Why should you be a part of community?
Being a part of an esports community provides you recognition as a gamer in the esports community. You will be able to get to know a lot of gamers and this platform might be the place for you to find your dream team.